• Assembled in Ohio
  • Three sizes: 11. 14 & 19
  • 3000K, 3500K & 4000K color temperatures
  • 0-10V dimming
  • Emergency battery available


  • Damp location rated for ceiling mount
  • ADA compliant

Fine Textured Black

Fine Textured Bronze

Fine Textured Silver

Fine Textured White



True to its name, Faultless delivers impeccable performance as an indoor ceiling light tailored for multifamily and hospitality settings. Its design leans towards serving practical and utilitarian purposes, making it an ideal choice for utility rooms and spaces where functionality takes precedence. Offering consistent and even illumination, Faultless stands as the go-to solution for areas demanding reliable and straightforward lighting without the frills. Efficient, dependable, and truly ‘faultless’ in its delivery.


Mounting Pan: stamped steel. Diffuser: white acrylic. Finish: high quality polyester powder coating, various finishes. Mounting: wall- mounted over a 4inch junction box.

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